Welcome to our Canskate Program! Our Club has been recognized as having EXCEEDED Standard in the Canskate Excellence Recognition Program!

Skaters will develop the basic fundamentals of skating, forwards, backwards, stopping, turning, jumping and introduced to edges, turns, stroking basics, flexibility and speed. It provides a good foundation not only for figure skaters but also for recreational, hockey and ringette. Skaters will earn ribbons and badges as skills are mastered. CanSkate is the official learn to skate program in Canada that focus on fun, participation and basic skill development.  It is only offered by sanctioned Skate Canada Clubs.  Our coaches are certified and attend training regularly.

Skaters will be grouped according to skill level and age.  Skaters are assessed daily and may be moved from one group to another if it will benefit the skater.

The CanSkate program runs Monday and Wednesday nights at 6:00-6:50pm, and Saturdays at 10:00-10:50am.

Name tags will be given to skaters on their first day of skating.  Name tags will be placed on a table in the lobby and to be worn on the ice each day. Our P.A.’s will collect the name tags at the end of each day or if your skater has been missed, please leave name tags on the table in the lobby for collection.

There are 3 fundamental area’s in each stage (Balance, Control, Agility).  Skaters progress at their own pace through the stages designed to develop confidence and ability.  Once each fundamental skills is mastered a ribbon is award and once 3 ribbons are mastered in each stage, a badge will be awarded and the skaters moves on to the next Stage.

**Please note that skaters that have passed stages 1-3 and would like to continue to our STAR figure skating program should register for the Bronze STAR program, which is a modified Canskate program with an emphasis on figure skating.  Skaters that wish to continue working on Canskate stages 4-6 should register for Canskate**